Get Published In Our Journals

Publication in one of our journals allows you to share new knowledge and technology with your colleagues. We welcome both conference papers and those submitted directly for review. Submitted manuscripts undergo review by peers and authors will be asked to make modifications prior to publication.


Determine if your paper is a good candidate

When you submit a paper for peer review, the journal’s editors will choose technical reviewers, who will evaluate the extent to which your paper meets the criteria for publication and provide constructive feedback on how you could improve it. Explore the publication criteria and pick the best journal to submit your paper for peer review.


Submit a paper for peer review

From a conference

At the end of the conference submission process, you have the option to submit your paper for peer review. Or you can choose to submit your paper after the conference.

  • Format: You do not need to modify the format of your paper from the meeting submission.
  • Transfer of Copyright: If you have submitted transfer of copyright forms for all authors, you do not have to re-submit them to the peer review system.

Non-conference paper

Prepare the paper for submission, then upload it to the online submission system for the journal you selected. You must also submit a Temporary Transfer of Copyright.

Dual Submission Policy: Papers accepted for an SPE conference or journal must not have been accepted or presented elsewhere (including another SPE conference or journal).