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Rajan Patel, SPE Star Scholarship Winner  

Trevor ForwardRajan Patel is one of this year's recipients of the SPE Star Fellowship. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science (Thesis Based) in Petroleum Engineering at University of Alberta, Edmonton.

Academic voyage of Rajan is full of good fortune and potential. He stood 16th in the final year of school throughout the Gujarat State, India. Exemplary results in final year at school gave him a chance to study in the acclaimed Mechanical Engineering program of Institute of Technology, Nirma University, one of India's premier engineering institutes.

Rajan maintained his high academic standards in his undergraduate studies as he was ranked in top 5% among all the students of the department. "Robocon" is an international level robotic championship in which his team became the national champion and got a golden chance to represent India at an international level where 18 countries including China, Japan etc. participated, held at Bangkok, Thailand in August, 2011. He served as "Design & Manufacturing Head" of Team Robocon of his university in 2011 due to his technical expertise with a sound knowledge base supplemented by extensive data bank and administrative skills.

During Rajan's short span of working in largest oil refinery of the world owned by Reliance Industries Limited at Gujarat, India, he was able to see the things intimately to which his curiosity was utmost and the detailed observation strongly motivated him to choose his research area as petroleum engineering for his graduate studies. Currently, at University of Alberta he is working as a research assistant, engaged in developing techniques and algorithms for real-time optimization of unconventional reservoirs. Also he has continued his stellar academic performance in graduate studies with GPA of 4.0/4.0.

Apart from Rajan's academic and research excellence, he is also contributing as an active member to Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Association (CEEGSA) by various volunteering and organizing activities. He has served many positions during his undergraduate studies in various organizations. Also, he is an SPE member working passionately in University of Alberta Students' Chapter.

Rajan firmly believes that SPE Star Fellowship will both increase his productivity and motivate him to establish a solid academic career in petroleum field. Also he is extremely confident that he will make excellent use of this opportunity to grow further in this area to become a leading researcher.

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CSUR and SPE are excited to collaborate and co-produce the 2014 Unconventional Resources Conference—Canada that will bring together the best of both organizations. This joint conference and exhibition, held 30 September–2 October 2014 at the BMO Centre in Calgary, AB, Canada, will focus on evolving industry innovations and technologies that have the potential to improve the economics of North Americas’ rapidly developing unconventional tight oil and gas plays. The conference offers an exceptional technical session. Find out more »

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Regional activities

Technical and networking luncheons

SPE sections in Canada offer offer Technical and Networking Luncheons on a monthly basis. Contact Jill Thomas, Member Services Administrator or your local section for the upcoming luncheons.

Sections and Student Chapters

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  1. SEG/SPE/ARMA on Injection Induced Seismicity Workshop

    15 - 18 Sep | Banff, Alberta, Canada

  2. SPE Unlocking Alberta’s Carbonate Reservoirs

    16 - 17 Sep | Banff, Alberta, Canada

  3. SPE Implementation of Drilling Systems Automation

    23 - 25 Sep | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  4. SPE/CSUR Unconventional Resources Conference – Canada

    30 Sep - 2 Oct | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  5. SPE/ASME LNG: From Well Head to Global Markets

    23 - 24 Oct | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  6. SPE Thermal Well Design and Integrity

    18 - 20 Nov | Banff, Alberta, Canada

  7. SPE HSSE-SR: Beyond Conventional Oil & Gas: New Social Opportunities and Risks Workshop

    2 - 3 Dec | Banff, Alberta, Canada

Training Courses
  1. Geology for Engineers

    15 - 19 Sep | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  2. Introduction to the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA)

    22 Sep | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  3. Modern Production Data Analysis for Unconventional Reservoirs

    23 - 24 Sep | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  4. Forecasting Well Production Data in Unconventional Resources

    29 Sep | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  5. Petrophysics and Frac Optimization

    29 Sep | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  6. Shale and Tight Oil Technical Analysis

    29 Sep | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  7. Unconventional Reservoir Production (Rate-Transient) Analysis

    29 Sep | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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