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Webinar: Decision Quality in Multi-Company Projects

Attend a webinar presenting SPE's 2016 Technical Report, "Guidance for Decision Quality for Multi-Company Upstream Projects." This webinar will be presented by Pat Burdett, lead author and will feature 2017 SPE President Janeen Judah as a guest speaker.

View details and register for this event today.

Webinar: Beyond Bias and Stereotypes: Embracing Multiculturalism from Within

Shifting our own perspectives about other cultures is a result of an internal reflection and approach to work and life that proves to be pivotal in order to enable progressive career paths and business expansions in the oil industry worldwide.

Please join us on 14 June from 0830-1000 Central Time to hear more on this topic.

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Webinar: Ethical Considerations When Changing Employers

Many in the oil and gas industry have been affected by the downturn and have found a new job or will find employment in the future. Not only will this presentation satisfy an ethics PDH, it will also be a great opportunity to learn of the many legal obligations employees need to be aware of during transition.

Please join us on 17 May at 1200 Central Time to hear more on this topic.

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Applications Open for SPE Faculty Enhancement Travel Grants

Applications are open for SPE Faculty Enhancement Travel Grants. If you are a university faculty member looking for financial support to attend SPE conferences, workshops, and forums apply online today.

Webinar: Climate Change Science: Fact, Fiction, and the Unsettled

Judith Curry, PhD's upcoming live webinar "Climate Change Science: Fact, Fiction, and the Unsettled" will be held on 12 May at 1030 Central Time.

Learn more about this webinar and register.

Webinar: Public-Private Partnerships in the Oil and Gas Industry

Join Ruth Perry and Stephen Truchon on 10 May at 1200 Central Standard Time as they present a live webinar on research and development programs that drive technology advancement in order to meet the many challenges associated with exploring and operating in the offshore environment. Find out more this webinar and register.

Webinar: Understanding Communities

"Understanding Communities" will be the topic of discussion for James Kent's live webinar on 28 April. Register Today.

Webinar: How to Start Your Own Business

Is entrepreneurship right for you? This will be the topic of discussion for Roger Hite's live webinar on 26 May at 0830 Central Time. Register Today.

Webinar: Protecting the Digital Oil Field from the Emerging Cyber Threats

Digital Oil Fields - intelligent, smart, integrated - are data-driven oilfields that are connected and integrated with business networks. To protect these systems, an advanced level of robust cyber security controls can be injected during the design phase of the digital oil field to protect against potential cyber threats. Join Ayman Al Issa on 11 May for this webinar. Register Today.

Access your free copy of our new compendium: Enhancing Process Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

Download this compilation of the best process safety papers, focused on emerging trends from research and the field.