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New Web Event on Enterprise Resource Planning and HSSE

This web event will show why HSSE should be included in ERP efforts, discuss the value consequences of not including HSSE, and suggestions on how to make the business case for why HSSE should be included in scope from Day One.

New Web Event on Measurement Accuracy

This presentation will provide an insight in to Shell best practices for selection of fit for purpose meters, and fit-for-purpose maintenance, operation and calibration employed to ensure that the minimum level of accuracy and data integrity is maintained over the life cycle of the field.

New Web Event on Gas Management Technologies

The aim of this presentation is to address meter selection and provide pointers to assist engineers within the four major categories (Gas Production, Gas Transmission, Gas Storage and Gas Distribution).

New Web Event on Crude and Refined Product Metering

This webinar will discuss the basic operating principles of four metering technologies, as well as the application range of each one of these technologies in terms of viscosity and flow rate.

New Web Event on Scrubber Design

Attend a web event on “Scrubber Design for Gas-Liquid Separation: A Holistic Approach” presented by Jim Risenburg on 3 March.

Training Course: Flow Assurance—Managing Flow Dynamics & Production Chemistry

The course will introduce technologies, workflows and their deployment for the identification, characterization, and management of flow impediments, such as slugging and precipitation of organic and inorganic solids.

Register Today for January Flow Assurance Technical Section Luncheon

The presentation will discuss corrosion mechanisms that have emerged in production systems due to changes in flow regimes and thermal behavior as conditions changed during field operations.

New Web Event on Safety Culture

Attend a web event on “Safety Culture Before and After Bhopal” presented by Howard Duhon on 24 February.

Director’s Note: Lessons Learned from Bhopal

DIRECTOR’S NOTE: In the early morning hours of 3 December 1984, a large amount of toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas was released from a Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant, which swept over a large, densely populated area south of the plant. Thousands of people were killed including some at the railway station 2 km away.

New Web Event on Crude Oil Separators and Systems

Join the 14 January web event on “Upgrading Crude Oil Separators and Systems for Mature Oil Fields” presented by Graeme Smith.