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Advanced Drilling Solutions - English

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The presentation will discuss the various types of drilling dynamics related issues which contribute to poor performance. A variety of methods to identify and mediate the primary cause of performance issues will also be addressed from proven methods.

Alan Clarke is a 15 year veteran in the oil industry with extensive background in a variety of drilling products, services, and training systems. He holds a BSc from Memorial University of Newfoundland’s earth Science department, and is currently the Director of Advanced Drilling Solutions for National Oilwell Varco.

Origin and Behaviour of Oil Asphaltenes – Integration of Disciplines

Asphaltenes and associated production challenges still receive a lot of attention in the E&P operations.  The key in tackling those challenges is to understand the diverse world of asphaltenes – their origin, changes to their chemical structure during generation and migration of hydrocarbons, and in consequence their behavior during production.

Dr. Artur Stankiewicz is Schlumberger’s Reservoir Fluids and Flow Assurance Domain Head, and Advisor Reservoir Fluids & Geochemistry.

E&P Applications of Fiber-Optic Technologies

Fiber-optic technology, although only introduced for use in E&P well and reservoir monitoring in the last ten years, has blossomed into a highly reliable set of tools which frequently offer monitoring capability not obtainable with traditional sensors which are either permanently installed or run as logging tools or via other intervention methods.  This Distinguished Lecture will provide an overview of optical sensing techniques and sensors such as distributed temperature sensing (DTS), optical pressure gauges, distributed strain measurement for integrity monitoring and distributed acoustic sensing, describe various deployment methods and discuss examples which illustrate the role of fiber-optic monitoring in well and reservoir management. 

Dr. Dennis Dria, Petroleum Technology Advisor and President of Myden Energy Consulting, PLLC, has more than 20 years of experience with Shell, most recently working as a Staff Research Engineer in the areas of fiber-optic technology development, fiber-optic data management and integration and technology implementation for well and reservoir monitoring, and as Shell's Global Subject Matter Expert for production logging and permanent sensing.

Understanding Flow in Shale and Modeling Fractured Horizontal Well Performance in Shale Reservoirs

This lecture presents a discussion of the key characteristics of shale reservoirs and their impact on the performances of fractured horizontal wells. Examples are presented to highlight common practices and discuss performance interpretation problems.

Erdal Ozkan is a professor of Petroleum Engineering and co-director of Marathon Center of Excellence for Reservoir Studies at Colorado School of Mines.

Drilling Automation: New Prospects & Prospectors?

By integrating surface and downhole data with dynamic drilling models and the rig's drilling machines we can automate and optimize the drilling process occurring below the rotary table.  This presentation outlines the current industry efforts to implement automation tools for conventional rigs as well as high-end deepwater units and examines the changing roles within the drilling team.

Fred Florence is a Product Champion at National Oilwell Varco (NOV) and is the current chairman of SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS). 

Managed Pressure Drilling - Drill the Un-Drillable

Managed Pressure Drilling-MPD, from the core concept point of view, is a collection of drilling optimization techniques, when correctly designed, planned and applied, will improve the overall drilling performance and mitigate risks. MPD is a step-change technique that increases recoverable assets, reduces NPT, enhances safety and reduces the total drilling cost.

Hani Qutob is the Reservoir Engineering Manager for Weatherford “Well Engineering Centre of Excellence” – Middle East and North Africa. Hani has 30 years of diversified international experience in the oil & Gas industry and was the SPE Distinguished Lecturer for the 2007-2008 Season.

State of the Art in Openhole Sand Control Completions: Advancements & Gaps

This presentation discusses the state of the art in openhole sand control completions, reviewing the evolution of developments in the last decade, highlighting recent advancements and the gaps for future work towards healthier sand control completions in openhole environments.

Mehmet Parlar is a Technical Advisor for Schlumberger Sand Management Services, based in Houston, Texas

How to Make a Magic Change and Get the Most Out of Your Oil Rim Reservoirs?

This presentation disseminates the integration of state-of-the-art engineering approaches, innovative technical initiatives and new technologies in optimum hydrocarbon exploitation plan from the oil rim reservoirs. The applied fundamentals, critical elements and proven practices for effective reservoir management and  hydrocarbon recovery enhancement efforts with lower cost are elaborated through various successful real case studies.

With over 14 years of industrial and academic work experiences, Dr Rahim Masoudi is currently a Principal Reservoir Engineer for Petroleum Resource Development in PETRONAS, and also Adjunct Professor in University Technology PETRONAS.

Practical Approach to Solving Wellbore Instability Problems

The lecture will address the approaches to preventing/mitigating these mechanisms which involve excellent well planning, real-time monitoring as well as sound drilling practices

Dr. Samuel O. Osisanya is an Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering at the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, USA for 19 years, where he teaches all aspects of well construction technology and had practical field experience with Gulf (now Chevron), Shell-BP and Mobil (now ExxxonMobil).

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