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Water Lifecycle

22 – 23 October 2013

Galveston, Texas | Hotel Galvez & Spa

Technical Agenda

Tuesday, 22 October, 0830-1000

Session I: Water Sourcing and Groundwater Protection

Chairs: Ken Knox, Noble Energy; Eric Daniels, Chevron

Securing reliable water resources to meet expanding energy development needs is an increasing challenge, particularly in context of increasing regulatory oversight and fostering positive community relationships. Topics within this session will provide specifics and case examples that demonstrate the opportunities and resistance encountered by water-energy professionals. The focus of the discussion will be upon the identification, evaluation, and acquisition options used to develop and use viable water sources within a full lifecycle water management system. 

  • Presentation 1: Challenges and Opportunities in Securing Reliable Waters for Energy Development
    Ken Knox, Noble Energy
  • Presentation 2: Customizing Water Treatment Solutions to Meet Economic, Environmental, and Regulatory Objectives
    James Winter, High Sierra Energy
  • Presentation 3: Water Sourcing Strategies for Marcellus Shale Development
    John Owsian, Consol Energy


Session II: Drilling and Cementing

Chairs: Ana Djuric, Halliburton; Jonathan Getliff, Chevron

Water management and protection during wellbore construction activities will be covered. Groundwater protection can be achieved through proper drilling practices. These practices include drilling fluid selection, cementing and casing operations, and active housekeeping with containment of liquids and other wastes. Water conservation can be achieved using closed loop systems and fluids selection for their technical and environmental performance.

  • Presentation 1: Proactive Well Planning and Well Integrity Testing Practices for Groundwater Protection in Shale Plays
    Dan Arthur, ALL Consulting
  • Presentation 2: Cementing and Casing Operations—How to Provide and Maintain Aquifer Protection
    Ron Sweatman, Baker Hughes
  • Presentation 3: Groundwater Quality Baselines and Characterization—Lessons Learned
    Eric Daniels, Chevron


Session III: Well Completion and Production Including Water Management and Treatment

Chairs: Drue Ann Whittecar, National Oilwell Varco; Jonathan Getliff, Chevron

This session will focus on water used for drilling and completions from the analytics to the options for reuse and recycling. A round table of four experts will discuss the analytics of water and innovative solutions to deal with the varying chemistry. The second disussion will focus on the technologies that are available for water treatment including non-traditional options from other industries. The session will close with a discussion of the various options for reuse and recycling that are currently available as well as those that are potentially untapped at the current time.

  • Presentation 1: Analytical Round Table
    Ganesh Guhrye, ExxonMobil R&D
    Ross Tomson, Shale Water Research Center
    Willliam Woodul, National Oilwell Varco Well Site Services
  • Presentation 2: Produced Water Treatment Objectives and Equipment Options
    Mark Wolf, National Oilwell Varco
  • Presentation 3: Water Options During the Life of a Well
    Benjamin Ackley, Marathon Oi


Session IV: Regulatory Presentations

Chairs: Tekla Taylor, Golder Associates Inc.; Kimberly Ness, Battelle

The day’s proceedings will be reviewed by a panel. There will be an opportunity for the participants to discuss the challenges and issues associated with all aspects of the water lifecycle.

  • Presentation 1: Interpreting Regulatory Criteria for Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Technologies
    Annie Lane, Battelle
  • Presentation 2: Overview of Groundwater Protection Regulations for Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania
    Steve Musick, Groundwater Protection Council


Panel Discussion

Chair: Ron Bosch, Athlon Solutions

Presenters from Day 1 will engage the audience in an informal Q&A panel.

Wednesday, 23 October, 0815-1000

Session V: Economics, Policies, and Social Media

Chairs: Mike Parker, Parker Environmental and Consulting; Drue Ann Whittecar, National Oilwell Varco

The Australian challenges pertaining to water management and protection during wellbore construction activities will be discussed.  The recent evolutions in regulations pertaining to groundwater protection and chemical disclosure will be highlighted. The unique challenges to water conservation strategies such as irrigation and sourcing will be reviewed.

  • Presentation 1: How Technology is Solving Water Issues for the Industry
    David Blackmon, FTI Consulting
  • Presentation 2: Alternate Water Sources and Water Reuse—Identifying the Environmental Risks
    Scott Anderson and Dan Mueller, EDF
  • Presentation 3: Shale Water Economics
    Chad Jacobs, HDR Engineering


Session VI: International Perspectives Part 1—Europe and Australia

Chair: Jonathan Getliff, Chevron Tekla Taylor, Golder Associates Inc.

A European perspective of water management and protection during wellbore construction activities will be presented. This perspective highlights differences in the regulatory environment and infrastructure as they relate to drilling practices and water supply as well as fluids management and disposal.

  • Presentation 1: Development of Good Practice Guidelines for European Shale Oil and Gas Activities
    Bruce Wilcoxon, ConocoPhillips
  • Presentation 2: Coal Seam Gas and Shale in Australia—The Consequences When Regulations, Mineral Rights, and Water Characteristics Collide
    John Walsh, Cetco Oilfield Services


Session VII: International Perspectives Part 2—Africa

Chairs: John Candler, M-I SWACO; Kimberly Ness, Battelle

  • Presentation 1: Drilling Fluid and Waste Management Selection in Sensitive Environments
    Part I—Environmental Challenges and Regulatory Controls in East Africa
    Kayli Clements, M-I SWACO
  • Presentation 2: Drilling Fluid and Waste Management Selection in Sensitive Environments
    Part II—Operational Challenges For Water Treatment and Onshore Discharge in East Africa
    Tony Staples,


Session VIII: Water Use, Monitoring, and Environmental Performance in the Oil Sands Industry

Chairs: Juliette Leyris, Statoil; Stuart Lunn, Imperial Oil Resources

The lifecycle of water use in the oil sands industry will be explored for both in-situ oil sands recovery and oil sands mining. Topics of discussion include how water is used in the industry, how much is used in comparison to natural flows, environmental monitoring initiatives, and improvements in environmental performance through research and application of new technology.

  • Presentation 1: Water Sourcing, Use, and Continuous Improvement in Canada’s Oil Sands Industry
    Stuart Lunn, Imperial Oil Resources
  • Presentation 2: Management and Monitoring of Water for In-Situ Oil Sands (Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage)
    Mike Brewster, Statoil
  • Presentation 3: Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)—Accelerating the Pace of Improvement in Environmental Performance in Canada’s Oil Sands Through Collaborative Action and Innovation
    John Brogly, COSIA Water


Panel Discussion

Chair: Ron Bosch, Athlon Solutions

Presenters from Day 2 will engage audience in an informal Q&A panel.