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Permian Basin Section Honors Past Presidents With Scholarships

The Permian Basin Section recently dedicated three sustaining scholarships honoring the legacy of three former SPE presidents from the Permian Basin: Ed Runyan, Arlen Edgar, and Scott Hickman. Runyan served as SPE president in 1975, Edgar in 1981, and Hickman in 1997.

Workshop Teaches Cross-Generational Soft Skills

The Los Angeles Basin Section recently sponsored a Cross-Generational Soft Skills Workshop with support from Aera Energy.

Cochairs were Jaime Villatoro of Occidental and Neil Nommensen of Aera, and Steve Cheung and Behrooz Fattahi assisted in developing the workshop.

Fattahi delivered the keynote speech, which was followed by a 90-­minute panel discussion with panel members representing four generations: student, young professional, midcareer, and seasoned professional. Attendees also participated in a situational role-play grounded in work scenarios, using the process of learning by doing in a safe environment.

Participants also focused on learning listening skills, verbal communication methods, and other soft skills.