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Technical Paper Downloads

JPT offers SPE members the opportunity to download and read the full-length SPE technical papers summarized in the magazine. Papers are available only for a period of two months. OTC papers that are synopsized in JPT are not available for download; they can be purchased from the OnePetro Library.

October 2016

Field Development Projects

SPE 177729 – Improving Megaproject Economics Through the Use of Early Production

SPE 180956 – Completion and Well-Spacing Optimization for Horizontal Wells in Pad Development in the Vaca Muerta Shale

New-Frontier Reservoirs II

SPE 174946 – The Role of Induced Unpropped (IU) Fractures in Unconventional Oil and Gas Wells

SPE 170851 – Injection in Shale: Review of 15 Years’ Experience on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and Implications for the Stimulation of Unconventional Reservoirs

SPE 175061 – Model for a Shale Gas Formation with Salt-Sealed Natural Fractures

Petroleum Data Analytics

SPE 174849 – Functional Approach to Data Mining, Forecasting, and Uncertainty Quantification in Unconventional Reservoirs

IPTC 18333 – Mitigating Drilling Dysfunction Using a Drilling Advisory System: Results From Recent Field Applications

Sand Management and Sand Control

SPE 179023 – Gravel-Pack-Sizing Criteria: It's Time to Re-Evaluate

SPE 178955 – Factors Governing the Performance of Multilayered Metal-Mesh Screens

September 2016

Reservoir Performance and Monitoring

SPE 180234 – Marcellus Wells’ Ultimate Production Accurately Predicted From Initial Production

SPE 179655 – Use of Partitioning Tracers to Estimate Oil Saturation Distribution in Heterogeneous Reservoirs

SPE 177527 – The Design and Implementation of a Full Field Inter-Well Tracer Program on a Giant UAE Carbonate Oil Field

SPE 180726 – SAGD Production Observations using Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic and Temperature Sensing


SPE 180433 – Quad-Lateral Success Story in a Heavy Oil Reservoir

SPE 174839 – Engineered Shale Completions Based On Common Drilling Data

SPE 175330 – Five Years Journey of Advanced Completions in KOC

SPE 179172 – Understanding Completion Performance in Niobrara-Codell Reservoirs Through the Use of Innovative Software-Guided Workflows and Models

Drilling Systems Automation and Management

SPE 177825 – Breakthrough in Drilling Automation Saves Rig Time and Safeguards Against Human Error

SPE 178870 – Using Wired Drillpipe, High-Speed Downhole Data, and Closed-Loop Drilling-Automation Technology To Drive Performance Improvement Across Multiple Wells in the Bakken

SPE 178207 – Use of a Life-Cycle Drilling-Simulation System on a Challenging HP/HT Drilling Operation in the Norwegian Sea

SPE 178897 – Drilling Improvements in Pursuit of the Perfect Well in the Eagle Ford: Greater Than 52% Reduction in Drilling Time and 45% in Cost in 2.5 Years

Oilfield Chemistry

SPE 179900 – The Importance of Scale-Inhibitor Analysis in Scale Management—A State-of-the-Art Overview To Provide Cost-Effective Scale Control From Simple to Complex Production Scenarios

SPE 179867 – Time-Resolved Fluorescence for Real-Time Monitoring of Both Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors: A Game-Changing Technique

SPE 175925 – Chemical Analysis of Flowback Water and Downhole Gas-Shale Samples