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Technical Paper Downloads

JPT offers SPE members the opportunity to download and read the full-length SPE technical papers summarized in the magazine. Papers are available only for a period of two months. OTC papers that are synopsized in JPT are not available for download; they can be purchased from the OnePetro Library.

June 2016

Coiled Tubing Applications

SPE 179086 – Successful Core-Drilling Project With Coiled Tubing From a Riserless Ligh-Well-Intervention Vessel in a Norwegian Fjord

SPE 179090 – Optimization of Single-Trip Milling With 2-in. Coiled Tubing

Matrix Stimulation

IPTC 18571 – Retarded HF Acid System To Deeply Stimulate Sandstone Formation and Eliminate the Needs of Preflush and/or Postflush Acid Stages: Experimental and Field Cases

SPE 172620 – Successful Implementation of CO2 Energized Acid-Fracturing Treatment in Deep, Tight, and Sour Carbonate Gas Reservoir in Saudi Arabia That Reduced Freshwater Consumption and Enhanced Well Performance

SPE 177495 – No-Damage Stimulation Based on Residual-Free Diverting Fluid for Carbonate Reservoir

Wellbore Tubulars

SPE 178811 – World Record Using Steerable Drilling-Liner Technology To Secure Previously Nondrillable Section in Unstable Shale

SPE 173034 – New Deepwater, High-Pressure Completion Tubular for Gulf of Mexico Maximizes Combined-Load Capability While Incorporating Proven Cost Saving Features

SPE 178888 – Stuck-Pipe Prediction With Automated Real-Time Modeling and Data Analysis

EOR Operations

IPTC 18513 – A Case Study on Miscible and Immiscible Gas-Injection Pilots in a Middle East Carbonate Reservoir in an Offshore Environment

SPE 169513 – Case Study: Steam Injection Step-Rate Tests Run in the Shallow Low-Permeability Diatomite Formation, Orcutt Oil Field, Careaga Lease, Santa Barbara County, California

SPE 174699 – Dalia/Camelia Polymer Injection in Deep Offshore Field Angola Learnings and In-Situ Polymer Sampling Results

SPE 174704 – CDG in a Heterogeneous Fluvial Reservoir in Argentina: Pilot and Field-Expansion Evaluation

May 2016

Deepwater Projects

SPE 167990 – Advancing Deepwater Kick Detection

Intelligent Fields Technology

SPE 173873 – Flow-Control Optimization To Maximize the Accuracy of Multiphase Flow-Rate Allocation

SPE 174799 – Geology-Driven EUR Prediction by Use of Deep Learning

SPE 175059 – Machine Learning Applied to Multiwell Test Analysis and Flow-Rate Reconstruction

Multilateral/Extended-Reach Wells

SPE 175165 – Utilization of an Innovative Tool To Improve Hole-Cleaning Efficiency in Extended-Reach Wells in Saudi Arabia

SPE 168049 – New Rotary-Shouldered Connection Expands the Capability of World-Record ERD Operation

SPE 175539 – Magnetic Referencing and Real-Time Survey Processing Enables Tighter Spacing of Long-Reach Wells

Cementing/Zonal Isolation

SPE 173871 – Cement Sheath Integrity During Thermal Cycling: A Novel Approach for Experimental Tests of Cement Systems

SPE 174525 – Bridging the Gap: An Integrated Approach To Solving Sustained Casing Pressure in the Cana Woodford Shale