Professional Networks

Professional Networks are groups of members aligned by common professional interests, who come together to share information and ideas, discuss topics of interest and answer questions posed by other community members. They are open to any SPE member who wants to support the network's mission, vision and objectives.

Spanish Professional Network

Aligns Spanish-speaking members in order to:

  • Provide opportunities to enhance the technical and professional competence of Spanish-speaking professionals
  • Encourage membership enrollment within the Latin America and Caribbean Region
  • Prevent loss of expertise by bringing together operational and technical knowledge throughout the region
  • Initiate a strategy for the “big crew change”
  • Build a network that leverages intellectual capital to the Spanish-speaking population without geographic boundaries 

Human Resources Network

Allows members to discuss leadership, corporate culture, training and development, recruiting and retention, education and career paths. Members will:

  • Raise HR awareness among SPE members
  • Promote professionalism, ethics, and values of common human practices
  • Provide the industry with indices that measure the level of satisfaction about people and work environment
  • Become a pool to enrich SPE members with industry HR talents, experiences, best practices and lessons learned

Co-Chairs: Ali Salem, Saudi Aramco; Gopi Nalla, Chevron; and Hussein Al Ali, Saudi Aramco

Chinese Professional Network

Offers Chinese members around the world to an opportunity to exchange knowledge about:

  • Geology and geosciences
  • Drilling, completions, and stimulation
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Production
  • Surface facilities.

Petroleum Engineering Educators Network

Develop a better understanding of the industry's training needs by:

  • Focusing on the evolving roles of academia, industry, the service sector, government, and SPE in education
  • Strengthening industry/education/government partnerships to develop the people and technology the industry will need in the 21st Century

Chair: Erwin Kroemer, ExxonMobil

Women’s Network

Connects female members of SPE, who could benefit from sharing experiences and insights on gender-related career issues by:

  • Discussing topics such as women’s career and work-family balance issues, although some issues may be too sensitive to discuss in an open forum
  • Creating a website or referral system to enable members to contact other members who are willing to provide individual advice on various topics

Chair: Eve Sprunt, Chevron

Young Professionals (YP)

Engage a new generation of members in SPE activities and allow them to discuss ideas, events and best practices which will:

  • Enable young professionals to function as an international team, maximizing the impact of local initiatives
  • Create international events to serve the needs of todays young, global members

 Co-chairs: John Donachie, Schlumberger and Andrew Lambert, Landmark Graphics

Requirements for Establishing a Professional Network

A PN may be formed when a minimum of 25 SPE members seek to be associated in the discussion of nontechnical issues of interest to those working in oil and gas exploration and production not covered by an existing PN.

Requests for formation of a PN are considered by the SPE Board Committee on Membership and, subsequently, the full Board of Directors.

The request should include the following:

  1. Definition of the scope of the proposed PN, outlining the need for and subject matter to be covered.
  2. List of member names and member numbers for those individuals who would become initial members of the PN.
  3. Name and member number of SPE members willing to serve as officers—chairperson, discussion moderator, Internet chairperson. No PN may be formed without a chairperson and discussion moderator.

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