New York and New England Petroleum Section

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date Established: 16 December 1954


Dr. Bilgin Altundas, Schlumberger

Chairperson Elect

Dr. Bilgin Altundas, Schlumberger

Membership Chairperson

Dr. Deepak Datye, Simulia

Program Chairperson

Mr Daniel Tilmont, Orbital ATK


Joseph Alifano, Alliant Techsystems


Dr. William J Bailey, Schlumberger

Past Chairperson

Dr. Soraya Sofia Betancourt, Schlumberger

Internet Chairperson

Dr. Elizabeth J Smythe, Schlumberger - Doll Research

Mentor Chairperson

Mr David A Donohue, IHRDC

Scholarship Chairperson

Mr Erhan Aslan, Pennsylvania State University

Student Chapter Liaison

Dr. Jing Yang, Schlumberger - Doll Research

YP Chairperson

Inas Hamza, ARAMCO Services Company

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Ms. Monica Vale, Society of Petroleum Engineers

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