Oslo Section

Oslo, Norway

Date Established: 3 October 1993


Dr. Jafar Fathi, CORE Energy LLC

Membership Chairperson

Mr. Mahmood Akbar, AGR Petroleum Services

Program Chairperson

Mr. Oyvind Salvesen, The Research Council of Norway

Past Chairperson

Mr. Marius Bjrnli Lunde, Idemitsu Petroleum Norge A/S

Past Chairperson

Miss Kristine Behn Ramsnes, FMC Technologies Inc


Mr. Hvard Morset Klokk, DNO International ASA

Communications Chairperson

Mr. Tor Landbo Opseth, Lundin Norway AS

Communications Chairperson

Mr. Sebastien Romieu

Mentor Chairperson

Mr Karl Ludvig Heskestad, Oilrox

YP Chairperson

Ms. Vita Kalashnikova, Pss-Geo AS

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Jade Abbott, Society of Petroleum Engineers