Support Student Members

Your section can help local students transition into professional members after they graduate, increase your section membership and offer financial assistance for membership dues.

Sponsor a student member

Some students need financial assistance to pay dues in SPE. This is your opportunity to support these students by sponsoring their membership in SPE.

Work with a chapter and faculty advisors

Student chapters should be supportive of their sponsoring section as the section should be of the students.

Help students become professional members

We have created a form letter for the section or membership chairperson to send to recent graduates once every quarter.

  1. Customize and send the recent graduate letter.  The letter can be sent by post or email and both addresses are included in the roster given to Section Officers.
  2. Recognize those students who attend your section events.
  3. Have applications on hand for the recent graduates to complete or help them go online to renew their membership.

Have a question?

Contact the Student Development Committee at