Upcoming Student Paper Contests

If a contest or a division is not held in your assigned region, you can present your paper in an assigned alternate region. Every region has only one alternate region. If the alternate region is not holding a contest, contact spc@spe.org.

Region Date Contest Information



2014 Contest Completed

Asia Pacific

14 October 2014

Held in conjunction with the 2014 SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition (APOGCE) 14-16 October 2014

Contact: Justin Kijam



2014 Contest Completed



2014 Contest Completed

Gulf Coast North America


2014 Contest Completed

Latin America/


2014 Contest Completed

Middle East

8 March 2015


Held in conjunction with the 19th Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference (MEOS) 8-11 March 2015

Contact: Maria Morozova

Rocky Mountain/Mid Continent/Eastern North America


2014 Contest Completed

Russia & Caspian

2013 Contest Completed

South Asia

12-13 February 2015

Hosted by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies SPE Student Chapter in Dehradun, India. 
Abstract submission deadline: 31 October 2014

Contacts: Aamir Lokhandwala and Maria Morozova

Western North America


2014 Contest Completed