Core Analysis – Understanding and Reducing Data Uncertainty


Core analysis provides the only direct and quantitative measurement of the intact reservoir properties and should provide the foundation for formation evaluation. Too frequently core analysis planning and programme design are done poorly and the results are often confusing or contradictory. It is conservatively estimated that 70% of special core analysis (SCAL) data are unfit for purpose due to poor data quality or programme design.

This industry-leading, fully independent training course will provide participants with a solid overview of the acquisition, evaluation and implementation of routine core analysis (RCA) and SCAL data on clastics and carbonates. On completion, the participants will be much better placed to appreciate the importance of quality core analysis in integrated studies.

Attendees will learn:

  • how not to damage core during coring
  • how to prepare core and core plugs for analysis
  • how to measure RCA porosity and permeability on core plugs and whole core
  • basic SCAL tests (electrical properties, capillary pressure, porosity/permeability at stress)
  • quality control diagnostics for RCA and SCAL test data
  • how to make better use of core analysis data, and reduce uncertainties in reservoir models


Colin McPhee is the Global Technical Head of Geomechanics & Rock Properties. McPhee has over 35 years’ experience in the interpretation of core analysis data for over 200 fields worldwide and has reviewed and quality controlled over 30,000 SCAL measurements. He has worked closely with geoscientists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers in ensuring that core data used in integrated studies are reliable, robust, and representative. McPhee has also been involved in several equity redeterminations which have involved detailed reviews of core data and innovative solutions in SCAL data interpretation. He was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer in Core Analysis for 2010–2011, and a Technical Editor of SPE Formation Evaluation. He has authored several technical papers and has delivered over 100 public and in-house core analysis courses to over 1200 industry professional worldwide.