Seismic Data for Reserves Estimation


In 2009, the SEC began allowing the use of reliable technology, including seismic data, for the estimation of reserves. This short course outlines the different applications of seismic technology in estimating reserves including: determining the trap geometry, defining fluid contracts, flow surveillance and unconventionals. Real examples will be used to highlight the advantages and challenges of using seismic data in reserve estimation. For the attendees, no prior knowledge of reserves estimation is required but a basic understanding of working with subsurface data is recommended.


Naomi Boness is a senior geophysicist in the Corporate Reserves team at Chevron and a member of the SEG Oil and Gas Reserves Committee. Naomi joined Chevron after receiving her PhD in geophysics from Stanford, and has worked in the fields of geophysics, decision analysis and planning. In her current role, Naomi applies her diverse skill sets to ensure resource estimates are robust and in compliance with SEC regulations, particularly in the application of seismic data.