Proper Analysis, Design, and Planning of Saline Water for Use in Oilfields


The course is designed to enable new engineers as well as senior engineers gain technical experience and develop a strong understanding of the importance of acquiring accurate data and designing proper treatment systems from the “get go”.


  • To properly analyse key species using internationally recognised analytical methods in order to provide accurate diagnosis of critical factors in selected saline streams
  • To choose the proper treatment system and design it correctly based on accurate data
  • To avoid poor planning (short-term gain is long-term pain)
  • Present examples of mismanaged projects


Mansour Al-Bader has PhD degrees in chemical engineering and environmental engineering. His engineering background rests on extensive training in the fields of thermodynamics and physical-chemical separation with environmental orientation.

He is the founder of Bader Engineering, a company dedicated to providing innovative Zero-Liquid-Discharge (ZLD) systems of utilising and/or re-utilising aqueous streams (produced water, seawater, wastewater, brackish water, agricultural drainage water, cooling tower blowdown, etc).

He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI), Certified Environmental Specialist (CES), Certified Remediation Specialist (CRS), and Certified Testing Specialist (CTS).

He has authored 26 U.S. patents and published over 60 articles.