TWA Vol. 11 No. 3 Cover
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What's Ahead

TWA Editor-in-Chief, Tony Fernandez, on how the entry of engineering talent is transforming traditional M&A in investment banks.

TWA InterAct

Test your knowledge of M&A terms. Find answers in the articles.

TWA Interview

Mark E. Ellis, CEO, Linn Energy, shares the details of his journey from being a petroleum engineer to becoming a CEO and an M&A market leader.


David Sinton of University of Toronto on how microfluidics is gaining traction in the oil and gas industry and how this field of study can be used for understanding porescale transport.

Pillars of the Industry

Be it the price downturn or the big crew change, communication skills can help young professionals ride the wave of change—and other valuable advice from industry leader Fayaz Jamal of Woodside Energy.

Economist's Corner

The relationship between commodity prices and M&A activities and a discussion on what drives corporate acquisitions.

HR Discussion

Investment banks are increasingly acquiring in-house technical talent. Jeff Brown of the recruitment firm Ludwig, Wessel & Associates gives tips for young professionals contemplating a move from an industry job to the investment banking sector.


The TWA Forum editors discuss with experts about what is driving the market, and how to prepare yourself if you are employed on either side of a M&A transaction.

SPE 101

A self-assessment of your current skills using the SPE competency management tool can prove to be an important step in your career progression.

Discover a Career

What skills can a professional with a technical background bring to an M&A role? Is there a particular education or career path to take to work in the M&A sector?

Technical Leaders

Andy Rogers, vice president of business development at Encana, shares his thoughts on the current state of the industry and provides career advice to young professionals amid the A&D landscape.

Soft Skills

If you aspire to a leadership position, go beyond being capable of working in a diverse team and leverage it to drive innovation

Tech 101

Andrew Buzinsky of Trican Well Service discusses the reasons behind Trican’s acquisition of i-TEC Well Solutions, and how the agility of both the bigger and the smaller company led to a win-win integration.

A YP's Guide to...

Lucky No. 7—A glimpse into the origins of the petroleum era in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco’s plans for the future, and what it is like to live and work in the kingdom.

YP Newsflash

YP events from India and Italy.

Your Best Shot

Readers’ Winning Workplace Shots.