TWA Vol. 11 No. 1 Cover
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What's Ahead

Comments from 2015 TWA Editor-in-Chief Tony Fernandez.

President's Column

2015 SPE President Helge Hove Haldorsen reveals the eight dimensions to focus on in plotting your way to career success.

TWA InterAct

Ways for TWA readers to stay connected year-round.

TWA Interview

Steven Farris of Apache Corporation shares his industry experience and offers advice to young professionals entering the oil and gas industry.


Just entering the oil and gas job market? Heriot-Watt University’s Eric Mackay tells you how to carve out a career and create a niche for yourself.

Economist's Corner

Start a career or study further? Matt Balhoff of The University of Texas and Larry Fiddler of Halliburton Consulting debate the pros and cons.


A step-by-step guide for students and young professionals on navigating the oil and gas industry.

Pillars of the Industry

Imran Butt of Baker Hughes talks about why young professionals should be pumped up about a future in the oil and gas industry.

HR Discussion

Experts and industry professionals chart the road map for career growth.

SPE 101

Find out the various ways SPE can help the future generation of oil and gas professionals.

Technical Leaders

Industry leaders Janeen Judah of Chevron and Kendra Lema of ConocoPhillips talk about what makes a person good leadership material and the opportunities available in the industry.

Soft Skills

How to prepare yourself for your next promotion.

Tech 101

Tim Duggan of Skynet Labs shares his insight on the importance of data integration in oil and gas modeling.

A YP's Guide to...

Young professionals guide recent graduates to the career opportunities available in the US, Canada, and the UK.

YP Newsflash

News on YP events from the Bangalore, San Joaquin Valley, and Warri SPE sections.


Your Best Shot

Winning photos from job locations.