SPE Competency Management Tool

The SPE Competency Management Tool (CMT) is a free online member benefit that allows you to assess your current professional capabilities.

Models cover geosciences, drilling, engineering, production operations, projects and facilities, health, safety & environment, business development, and supply chain function jobs for an operating company. You can also find business development jobs for an EPC contractor, a drilling contractor, and an integrated services provider, as well as entry-level jobs for graduating engineers.

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The SPE Competency Management Tool is tailored for you. All personal data and results remain confidential. And it provides the flexibility to work at your own pace—stop in the middle of the assessment and return to complete at any time with your progress saved.


What the Competency Management Tool Has to Offer
  • Addition of 19 new jobs in the tool: 13 jobs for the Operating Companies, 3 for Service Companies/Contractors, and 3 entry level jobs for graduates.
  • Both technical and soft skills competencies now included.
  • Rapid turnaround of Self Assessment Results.
  • Inclusion of User’s guide and FAQs in the tool to improve the user experience.
  • Ability to add Knowledge Testing at a later date.
Getting the Most Out of the CMT

SPE urges you to review the following material before taking the assessment, which explains why the jobs described were chosen and what are specific features and limitations of the tool.