Editorial Review Committee

About the Committee

The committee oversees the content and direction of the journals, which includes attracting high-quality manuscripts to the journals, setting the review criteria used to evaluate papers, and granting final approval on papers that will be published in each journal. Each Executive Editor has a flexible number of associate editors, who manage the review of papers in their respective areas of expertise. Reviewers, who are technical experts in their fields, provide detailed technical reviews and submit comments and recommendations (to accept, revise, or decline papers) to an associate editor. 

The committee comprises the Editor-in-Chief and seven Executive Editors for each of SPE’s peer-reviewed journals (SPE Drilling & Completion, SPE Journal, SPE Production & Operations, and SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering). Editors serve three-year terms and oversee the peer-review process for their specific journals. The committee meets annually in person at ATCE and may hold multiple calls throughout the year to discuss various concerns across all journals.

Qualifications and Experience

Executive editors for each journal

  • Served as a Technical Editor/Associate Editor for the journal and should have 10+ years of oil and gas industry experience
  • Excellent working knowledge of the overall discipline of the journal and preferably be a recognized subject matter expert
  • A good track record of providing timely and conscientious reviews to authors
  • Previously authored SPE peer-approved and published papers


  • The Editor-in-Chief should preferably be a past Executive Editor and is selected based on academic reputation and overall history of working with SPE’s publications

Deliverables and Expectation

  • Oversee the content and direction of the journals, which includes attracting high-quality manuscripts to the journals
  • Review and maintain the review criteria used to evaluate and select papers for publication
  • Show commitment to processing papers through the peer-review system in a timely and responsive manner
  • Work with associate editors and technical editors to provide quality feedback and reviews to authors
  • Write an executive summary for each journal issue
  • Suggest areas for improvement in SPE’s peer-review process
  • Solicit and recommend new technical editors
  • The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for handling all appeals which are submitted into the system