Global Oil and Gas Salary Survey Results

Download Highlights from the 2017 SPE Salary Survey (pdf)

  • Upstream oil and gas industry pay (including salary and bonus) reported by SPE professional members for 2017 averages at USD 194,649, up from USD 185,001 in 2016.
  • Average salary (base pay) reported in 2017 is USD 151,122, up from USD 143,006 in 2016.
  • Nearly half (49.7%) of respondents reported a pay increase during the period of June 2016 to June 2017, which is a significant increase from last year (35.9% in 2016).
  • The higher job category tiers reported the highest number of increases in total compensation. Most regions saw increases in total compensation at the E&P Executive/Top Management level.

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The detailed, full report and data file for the SPE Membership Salary Survey are available through the SPE Bookstore for purchase in electronic format. Full survey results for petroleum engineer salaries and related upstream oil and gas positions are included by region, years of experience, job category, and more.

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