Exhibitor Success and ROI Center

SPE recognizes that exhibiting is a big investment. In down market cycles, it’s important to ensure all marketing and sales investments are positioned to deliver maximum value and results.

SPE’s Exhibitor Success and ROI Center is a free, on-demand exhibiting knowledge resource to give you answers to your most pressing exhibiting challenges, expand your exhibiting know-how, and improve your company’s exhibiting performance and ROI.

This resource is available to all SPE clients, whether you are exhibiting and/or sponsoring one of our events. Our goal is for this information to help your company with all the events you participate in – throughout the year and throughout the world.

Here are three easy ways to find the information, answers, and solutions you need to stay ahead of your planning:

Free for our Exhibitors

SPE and EXHIBITOR magazine have come together to provide a complimentary subscription to our exhibitors. EXHIBITOR offers exhibitors knowledge and tools to produce high-performance programs with measureable results.

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1. View On-Demand Exhibitor Webinars


Inside the Exhibiting Numbers: How to Measure Performance, Value and ROI

View the Webinar Workbook (pdf)


High-Impact Pre-show Planning: How to Manage Your Exhibit Program for Improved Results

View the Webinar Workbook (pdf)


Designing an Effective Exhibit: How to Make Your Exhibit Stand Out From the Crowd

View the Webinar Workbook (pdf)


High-Impact Pre- and At-Show Marketing: How to Build Brand Awareness and Drive Qualified Booth Traffic

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Secrets of the Aisles: Critical Skills Every Booth Staffer Needs to Know and Master

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"I was really impressed with the information SPE provided. I’ve been managing exhibits for more than 25 years, and I think this was by far the best I’ve heard on improving leads and turning leads into sales. Looking forward to putting these ideas to work for us."
- Val Gehm, Trade Exhibit Manager, CoorsTek

From Leads to Sales: How to Improve Tradeshow Lead Quality & Sales Conversion

View the Webinar Workbook (pdf)


2. Read How-to Exhibiting Articles

Quick, informative, and loaded with useful information and practical knowledge. Our exhibiting success article series addresses the critical topics important to your success as an exhibitor today. Just click a topic below and start reading. Be sure to forward to your entire exhibiting team.

  1. The Most Overlooked Key to Exhibiting Success (pdf)
  2. Planning to Win: Exhibiting by Objectives – How to Set Achievable Exhibiting Goals (pdf)
  3. Exhibiting Dollars & Sense: 33 Ways to Save Money (pdf)
  4. High-Impact Pre-show Marketing: How to Identify and Attract Enough of the Right Attendees to Your Exhibit (pdf)
  5. Staffing for Success: How to Prepare Your Booth Staff for Success (pdf)
  6. Closed-Loop Lead Management: How to Capture Higher Quality Leads and Convert More to Sales (pdf)
  7. Exhibit Measurement Made Easy: How to Measure Exhibiting Results and Return on Investment (pdf)
  8. Tools You Need for Your Tradeshow Toolbox*
    (*SPE does not endorse or have any relationship with www.myfairtool.com)
  9. Checklist for Exhibitors: Measurement 101


3. Ask the Tradeshow Experts

SPE has made special arrangements with Jefferson Davis, North America’s leading expert on trade show success, and his team of experts. You can submit questions on any exhibiting topic. Jefferson will respond within 48 hours.
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