Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Date Established: 16 January 1959

Social Activities Chair

Mohammad Al-Mishkhass, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia


Mr. Abdulaziz K Sufayan, SPEC, Saudi Aramco PE&D

Membership Chairperson

Mr. Othman Mansour Alqasim, SPEC, Saudi Aramco

Program Chairperson

Mr. Nassir Abdullah Abalkhail, SPEC, Saudi Aramco PE&D


Saad Almudara, Saudi Aramco PE&D


Abdulrahman M Mastoor Almusare, Saudi Aramco D&WO


Mr. Abdulaziz Khalid Suwailem, SPEC, Saudi Aramco PE&D


Abdulrahman A Alnaim, Saudi Aramco PE&D


Mr. Abdullah Abdullrahman AlMulhim, Halliburton Saudi Arabia


Dr. Mohammed Radhi Al Hamdan, Saudi Aramco PE&D

Student Chapter Liaison

Seba Saleh Maghlouth, Saudi Aramco PE&D

YP Chairperson

Mohammed Sharief Alnahas, Saudi Aramco PE&D

Staff Liaison

Erin O'Sullivan, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Staff Liaison

Jackie Hoffmann, SPE Middle East

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