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Section Operations Manual


The Section Operations Manual is your go-to source for information about how to conduct your section activities and get involved in the variety of programs offered by SPE. You can learn about your individual role and find the forms and deadlines associated with your duties.

Any questions can be directed to

Online Community for Officers

In addition to the contents of this manual, you are also encouraged to utilize SPE Connect. SPE has developed a community specifically for officers. You can pose questions and share best practices with officers around the world.


The chairperson promotes the well-being of the section, the society, and the profession. You should:

  • Have good leadership, motivation, and communication skills while possessing the ability to work with various personalities
  • Understand the global mission of SPE
  • Understand the section’s role in relation to the SPE International Board and your SPE region
  • Be committed to fiduciary responsibility


  • Preside over meetings of the section board
  • Appoint all section committees and members of committees; replace committee members as needed
  • Communicate regularly with other officers; committee chairs; members via the SPE Connect, email, or phone
  • Communicate regularly with your Regional Director and SPE staff regarding section plans, needs, or challenges
  • Attend SPE section officer conferences and regional officer meetings
  • Ensure your section complies with all SPE policies
  • Submit an annual report by 1 June
  • Attend the officer leadership workshop
  • Conduct election of section officers, ensuring that SPE is notified of the results. All officers must be SPE members in good standing.
  • Other responsibilities may be dictated by long- and short- term goals developed by the section

Organize an Industry Advisory Council

You may want to consider organizing an Industry Advisory Council for your section. This council would typically be composed of high-level officials from all of the major industry players in your area. The time commitment for this council would be minimal, but would assist in garnering support for SPE activities. The IAC could meet a few times per year to discuss goals with the section board and outcomes from the year.

Manage public involvement

SPE encourages you and your section members to participate in community outreach and educational programs that enhance public understanding of the energy industry and explain technical and economic issues involved in oil and gas exploration and production. To safeguard SPE’s mission, members may not attempt to influence legislation or policies when acting as an SPE representative.

SPE members should provide objective and factual information that allows individuals outside of the industry to form an independent opinion or conclusion. You may always contact or your regional director when considering participation in a community program on behalf of SPE.

National and Regional Councils

National and regional councils provide a framework for sections within an appropriate area to pursue common interests, collaborate, and exchange information. Formation requires approval by the SPE Board of Directors. Councils are advisory groups and have no governing authority over the participating sections. The Councils’ actions must be consistent with policies approved by the SPE Board of Directors. Participation in a council is voluntary and determined by each individual section. Activities that benefit from collaboration between sections include:

  • Selection of Distinguished Lecturers
  • Coordination and planning of regional workshops and conferences
  • Sharing of section best practices

Please refer to the Policy to Establish and Maintain an SPE Council for more information. To submit an updated officer roster, download this form (pdf) and send to



Record Minutes

Record the official business of the section through the writing, retention, and distribution of minutes. Minutes should be taken for all meetings of the section officers. Minutes should only include action taken and not verbatim discussion. At each meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting should be reviewed and approved by the group.

Minutes often resolve misunderstandings, so they should be accurate, objective, complete, and clear. Minutes of meetings should contain the following:

  • Name of the organization or committee
  • Place and date of the meeting
  • Names of officers and members present
  • The statement that the minutes of the previous meeting were amended or approved
  • A list of reports that were presented and accepted
  • All the main motions that were made, with statements as to whether they were carried or lost
  • Resolutions that were adopted, recorded in full; if a resolution was rejected, a simple statement to that effect is adequate
  • A record of all ballots, complete with the number of ballots cast "for" and "against"

Review monthly membership roster

Officers in good standing are able to download membership rosters at any time. The information on the rosters may be used only for programs endorsed by SPE.  Use or reproduction of the information for commercial purposes or for programs not endorsed by SPE is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action. All data contained within the reports is updated daily.

Rosters include the following useful pieces of information:

  • Paid and unpaid members of your section and recent university graduates
  • Identification of any new members for the current month
  • Date each member joined SPE (election date)
  • Anticipated graduation date of student chapter members

Treasurer (Optional)

The overall goal of the society is the dissemination of technical information rather than generating surplus funds. Section programs should be self-sufficient and budgeted to break even.


  • Establish and balance the section’s bank account
  • Collect and disburse section funds as approved
  • Provide annual financial details to be included in the section's annual report. Annual reports are due 1 June.
  • Provide monthly financial reports and make recommendations on the management of your section’s finances
  • Maintain all accounting records, including deposits and payments
  • Reconcile the bank account to the monthly financial statement
  • Prepare annual operating budget
  • Perform an annual audit

Reserve Funds

It is not the purpose of the sections to accumulate reserve funds but rather to use these funds to provide programs for its members. Surplus funds may be placed in an interest-bearing reserve account and allowed to grow to a level of two times the annual operating budget for necessary section services. The operating budget is considered to include only ongoing professional activities, exclusive of such programs as golf tournaments and social events.

Any additional funds in excess of these reserves, regardless of the source, should be invested in additional professional enrichment programs or in SPE initiatives.

audit financial records

Your audit should take place before each new treasurer assumes office. For most sections, an informal audit conducted by designated members of the section is appropriate. The audit provides protection of section officers and helps to ensure an orderly transfer of financial records.

To mitigate risk to SPE, a section may be audited at any time. Key indicators to SPE that an audit is needed include:

  • Lost contact/no officers
  • Absence of financial reporting
  • Large cash balances
  • Large, unexplained reduction in cash balance

Banking and Funds on Account with SPE

Bank accounts should be established in the official section name whenever possible. Sections should require two signatures on all financial instruments, usually the section chair and treasurer. As an alternative, section members and officers who have access to money accounts should be bonded, if applicable in that country or jurisdiction. Sections should maintain financial records for at least 7 years.

Sections are also able to hold funds on account with SPE. To utilize these funds, an officer of the section must send a written request to and include another officer in copy. These funds are only paid to the section or officers, never issued directly to a vendor or supplier.


The rebate program is designed to provide funds for ongoing section operations. Rebates are only available to compliant sections adhering to policies who are operating as of 1 January and submit the annual report by 1 June. Funds must be claimed within 90 days of notification. Unclaimed funds will be forfeited.

  • Section Membership Rebate: USD 3 per professional and affiliate member with a minimum of USD 500 and a maximum of USD 10,000
  • Student Support Rebate to Sections: USD 3 per student member plus USD 250 per sponsored compliant Student Chapter with a minimum of USD 500 and a maximum of USD 10,000. All sections indicating they support students (including pre-university students) in any way on their annual report will receive the minimum, regardless if they have student members or student chapters.

Charitable Contributions

SPE encourages its members and sections to be socially responsible. As such, a section may choose to make charitable contributions. Donations will be consistent with SPE’s mission and vision, with the only exception being for donations for emergency relief funds with the section’s immediate area. Charitable contributions should be discussed and approved by the section board, ensuring that no members of the section would be uncomfortable with the recipient of the donation.

To receive tax benefit for the charitable contribution, a written acknowledgment may be needed, especially to substantiate amounts of more than USD 250. The acknowledgement should include:

  • Name of the recipient organization
  • Amount of monetary contribution
  • Description (but not value) of non-monetary contribution
  • Statement that no goods or services were provided in return or a description and estimate of the value of goods or services provided in return for the contribution

US Tax Exemption

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Inc. is exempt from most US federal income tax as a 501(c)(3) organization. No section in the US should apply for federal income tax exemption. If your section is requested to do so by the US Internal Revenue Service, contact immediately.

SPE's US federal tax identification number is 75-­‐2001539. This number is to be used whenever a section is called upon to furnish a taxpayer identification number. If the SPE US federal tax identification number is not recognized by your state for sales tax purposes, contact

Sponsorships given by a corporation or person engaged in a trade or business to an exempt organization like SPE are not subject to unrelated business income tax if there is no arrangement or expectation of a substantial return benefit. If a sponsorship results in any advertising benefit to the sponsor, beyond the use of the name and/or slogan, or the benefits exceed 2% of the sponsorship amount, then the sponsorship may be subject to tax. The use of logos or slogans that are an established part of the sponsor’s identity does not, in itself, constitute advertising.


Because the scope of activities related to membership recruitment, retention, and volunteerism is so extensive, the section should consider utilizing a committee for these duties. The chair of the committee should serve as an officer of the section board.


  • Knowing the requirements of SPE membership and how to apply
  • Ensuring that both members and non-members are fully aware of all the advantages of SPE membership
  • Organizing and executing member recruitment drives
  • Informing the section board about membership statistics
  • Recognizing long-term members (see recognition chapter)
  • Encouraging members to volunteer

Graduates who were SPE student members in good standing are eligible to receive their first year of professional membership at USD 10.

Section Membership Contest

The year-long section membership contest motivates and rewards section efforts to recruit and retain members. Learn more and see current section standings.

Grow membership

  • Learn more about recruiting best practices.
  • Contact members after 1 January and remind them to renew their membership
  • Maintain lists of prospective new members and develop recruitment campaigns and programs to encourage membership. SPE materials for recruiting are available to download or order on the Marketing Materials Website. Resources for locating nonmembers include
    • section meetings
    • Colleagues and friends of current members
    • Recent graduates from your student chapters
  • Establish your own recruitment program and awards
  • Appoint key contacts in each company to assist with promoting membership in their workplace



Various aspects of planning programming, including:

  • Establishing goals for programming based on technical and developmental needs of section members
  • Setting and executing objectives for each section program, including budget and attendance targets
  • Securing and contacting speakers
  • Ensuring all physical facilities of the meeting are in order
  • Ensuring the meeting is properly announced and publicized
  • Ensuring section programs adhere to section and chapter event guidelines

source programs

1. Develop a list of the hot topics and expert speakers for your area

  • Brainstorm with your board
  • Ask your members
  • Ask industry executives
  • Work with SPE Sections in your region
  • Work with other associations, universities, civic clubs, and environmental groups in your community
  • Ask your Regional Director

2. SPE’s Distinguished Lecturer Program (provides sections with up to 3 speakers during the September- May lecture season).

3. SPE officer visitations

4. Study groups

Promote meetings and events

For more information, please refer to the Section and Chapter Event Guidelines.

Sections are encouraged to maintain relationships with officers of nearby sections. If your section wishes to promote an event to members of other sections, and the event has received approval from the SPEI Board, you can ask your fellow officers to send an email to their members on your behalf. SPEI will not send emails regarding a Section or Chapter event, even those that are board-approved, unless included in the event management agreement with SPEI.

Through Membership Builder, you can download mailing labels for members of your section. SPEI also has a program whereby Sections, Chapters and other approved entities can purchase one-time-use postal labels. For further information, email

Only events approved by the SPEI Board of Directors are posted on the SPEI global events calendar. Sections and Chapters may request to have an event listed on the appropriate regional websites through the local SPEI office.  Sections and Chapters can also post an event on their community calendar in SPE Connect. This calendar is searchable by all members. Should the section or chapter choose to maintain a stand-alone website for an event, SPEI requires that the site be updated regularly and clearly include contact details should a potential attendee have questions.

Social Media
Announce your section’s events on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, see Social Media Guidelines for further information.

Host a Distinguished Lecturer

SPE provides active sections with expert Distinguished Lecturers from September to May, assuming the section responds with all required information.

Choosing Distinguished Lecturers for Your Section

In December, you will receive a list of lecturer topics, abstracts, and biographies to use in ranking the top 10 choices for your section membership. You must submit your selection choices and date parameters by the deadline provided. SPE matches lecturer availability with section preferences. SPE posts the schedule for the upcoming tours no later than 1 May. You must review this immediately. If your section requires any changes, the earlier you contact, the better the chance that your change can be accommodated.

Preparing for a Visit

In the three months leading up to your scheduled lecture, you will receive emails with required documents that must be completed and instructions on what to return to SPE. You must also provide an invitation letter and instructions to the lecturer on obtaining any required entry visa. The section is responsible for suggesting appropriate hotel accommodations, securing the location of the event, audio/visual equipment, translators, and all local transportation, including airport pick-up. At the conclusion of the lecture, you are also required to distribute, collect, and return to SPE evaluation forms.

Host an SPEI Board Officer

The SPEI Board Officers (president, past president, president-elect, and vice president–finance) visit sections and chapters throughout the duration of their term. The purpose of the visit is to:

1. Present a program on a technical subject and/or the status of SPE.

2. Allow SPE officers to hear the concerns and needs of the section.

To request a visit, contact at least 6 months in advance.

Hold a section study group

A study group requires a place to meet and a leader. The leader should be someone thoroughly familiar with the subject and someone willing to work at developing learning objectives and lesson plans. Typically, the mission of the study group is to hold regular meetings to promote awareness and generate discussion of current issues related to the topic.

Student Support

Supporting students through involvement with your chapters, local universities, and primary schools in your community is a mission for SPE. The student chapter liaison works closely with the faculty advisors and chapter officers.


  • Maintain frequent contact with the faculty advisor and chapter officers
  • Offer suggestions for field trips, speakers, etc.
  • Encourage section members to participate in student chapter activities
  • Invites student members to attend section activities
  • Attend student chapter officer meetings when possible
  • Works with chapter officers to develop a recruitment and retention strategy
  • Encourage students to apply for society-sponsored scholarships
  • Report to the section board any pertinent information to support the student chapter
  • Help local students transition into professional members by encouraging participation in activities

Faculty Advisors

As a staff member of the university academic community and SPE, the Faculty Advisor provides a communications link between the student chapter, the university, and the sponsoring SPE section.

The faculty advisor serves as a guide for the students in developing and implementing goals, objectives, and programs. As members of the chapter will change from year to year, the faculty advisor is the constant link between the chapter and the section. Whenever possible, the Faculty Advisor should be an officer of the section board.

Financial Support

Financial assistance is a key way to support student programs and initiatives. This is also an excellent way to disburse excess funds and generate good public relations. Your programs should aim to enhance the pool of new engineers for our industry and recognize academic excellence.


SPE dedicates more than one million dollars to scholarships and fellowships for both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees related to the oil and gas industry.  View the available scholarship programs and ensure students in your area apply.

Funding students through scholarships promotes the quantity and quality of entrants into our profession. This support also recognizes merit and provides financial assistance to those who otherwise might not be able to obtain a university education.

One of the best ways to administer and manage scholarships is by appointing a scholarship committee to be responsible for developing objectives, advertising, collecting applications, and selecting recipients. Consistency is important in terms of awarding the same amount based on the same criteria.

To list your section’s scholarship information on SPE’s website, complete the submission form.

SPE Student Support Rebate

Student Support Rebate to Sections: USD 3 per student member plus USD 500 per sponsored compliant Student Chapter with a minimum of USD 500 and a maximum of USD 10,000. All sections indicating they support students (including pre-university students) in any way on their annual report will receive the minimum, regardless if they have student members or student chapters.

*Sections that do not have student members or chapters must indicate in their annual report that they support students to get the min of 250.

Sponsoring Student Chapters

Sections may choose to sponsor one or more student chapters. In doing so, the section commits to assisting the chapter with training, mentoring, and planning activities. Financial sponsorship is not a requirement.


Energy4me, SPE’s global energy education outreach program, offers factual resources to students, teachers and the public through the website, speaker programs, and teacher development initiatives.

Energy4me is a non-biased resource with comprehensive information on all energy sources, energy careers, scholarships, and ready-to-go classroom presentations. The materials, translated to multiple languages, make it easy for members and educators to give energy-related presentations to pre-university students.

Promote Energy4me in your area by:

  • Donating Energy4me materials to schools
  • Giving classroom presentations
  • Participating in local science fairs
  • Mentoring a school science club
  • Sponsoring an energy-themed contest
  • Sharing the Energy4me website with your community, friends and family

Senior Professionals

“Senior Professionals” (SP) are members age 55 and older who may benefit the section by remaining engaged as they start their career transition to retirement. It is important for sections to establish strong relationships with their senior professional members to benefit from their experiences, expertise and networks. Engagement is on all levels – programming, services and volunteerism.

Senior Professionals Board Liaison (if no Senior Professional Committee Chair established)

The Senior Professionals Board Liaison works closely with SP members of the section and serves as the main source of communication between the Section Board and SP members.


  • Provides encouragement to SP members to stay engaged within the section and SPE
  • Works with the membership chair to retain and engage SP members
  • Maintains frequent contact with SP members
  • Assists with the development of a SP committee, if interest exists
  • Offers suggestions for section programming that would appeal to SP members and encourage interaction with other section members
  • Encourages section and board members to participate in SP member activities
  • Reports to the section board any pertinent information related to SP members

Senior Professional Chairperson (if Senior Professional Committee formed)

The SP Chairperson also serves on the section board. The SP Chair should collaborate with other officers as needed for programs.


  • Develops an engagement strategy for SP members
  • Proposes opportunities for SP members to engage in professional development and networking opportunities with younger members
  • Communicates and promotes section events to SP members
  • Encourages SP members to participate in SPE programs

Operate a Senior professional Committee

The mission of a Senior Professional committee is to identify and engage SPE members age 55 and older by providing relevant programming, networking and volunteer opportunities and social events. This committee, as with any other, should be sanctioned by the section board, reporting all monetary and programmatic activities. Study groups, senior professional committees and other entities that are part of an SPE section may not adopt their own logos.

  • Seeks approval from the section board to begin development of a SP Committee.
  • Asks the section board to appoint a SP Committee Chairperson.
  • Organizes an informal meeting of the section’s SP members.
  • Selects or votes on SP committee members.
  • Prepares a list of activities the committee wants to accomplish and the necessary budget.
  • Presents the budget and plan to the section board for support and approval.
  • Begins planning and publicizing events and activities.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals (YPs) are members younger than age 36 looking to be active in the industry they will one day lead. It is important that sections establish strong relationships with their young members, cultivating them into active section participants and leaders.

Mentor Chairperson

The Mentor Chair works closely with young professional members of the section and serves as the main source of communication between the board and young professionals. The mentor chair should not be a YP.


  • Provide guidance to YPs on operating within the section and mission of SPE
  • Works with the membership chair to recruit and retain young professionals
  • Maintain frequent contact with YP leaders
  • Assist with the development of a YP committee
  • Offer suggestions for Ambassador Lecturer Program visits, field trips, and speakers
  • Encourage section and board members to participate in YP activities
  • Report to the section board any pertinent information related to YPs

YP Chairperson

The YP Chair also serves on the section board and should be a young professional. The YP Chair should collaborate with the Mentor Chair and other officers as needed for programs.


  • Develop a recruitment and retention strategy for young members
  • Propose professional development and networking opportunities for young members
  • Communicate and promote section events to Young Professionals
  • Encourage young professionals to participate is SPE programs

Operate a Young professional Committee

The mission of a Young Professional (YP) committee is to identify, engage, and develop SPE members 35 years of age and younger by providing relevant technical education and networking opportunities. This committee, as with any other, should be sanctioned by the section board, reporting all monetary and programmatic activities. Study groups, young professional committees and other entities that are part of an SPE section may not adopt their own logos.

Young Professional committees conduct the following activities:

  • Seek approval from the section board to begin development of a YP Committee.
  • Ask the section board to appoint a Mentor Chair.
  • Organize an informal meeting of the section’s young professional members.
  • Select or vote on YP committee members.
  • Prepare a list of activities the committee wants to accomplish and the necessary budget.
  • Present the budget and plan to the section board for support and approval.
  • Begin planning and publicizing events and activities.


Recognition is an important benefit for SPE members. Not only can sections be awarded for outstanding work, we also encourage sections to create their own recognition programs for members. Members who are recognized for their achievements by their peers tend to engage more in activities.

During an awards reception, sections are encouraged to recognize:

  • Officers
  • Volunteers and the family members who support them
  • Long-term members
  • Leading membership recruiters
  • Student chapter leaders
  • Members who have received awards from SPE International
  • Companies that have supported the section financially and through volunteer time

Learn more about SPE milestones and award achievements.

Earn Section Awards

Section Awards recognize those sections that display exemplary efforts in technical knowledge dissemination, operations, member benefits, society and community outreach, innovation and more. The awards are presented during the President’s Luncheon at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

International and Regional Awards

These awards recognize members for their contributions to the industry. Nominations must be received by 15 February.

Appreciation Letters and Certificates

Officers may download their own appreciation letters and certificates from their member profile. On the “Volunteer Service and Letters” page they can see their volunteer history with the option to download a personalized thank you letter or request a management letter be sent to thank their manager for supporting their volunteer activity. They may also download a certificate in appreciation of their service to SPE. Please note current, ongoing, volunteerism will not display until complete and will only include official officer positions.

Tools and Resources

SPE Cares

The objective of SPE Cares is to unify and recognize the community services activities that SPE members are already conducting in their respective sections and student chapters.

Promote SPE Cares in your area by:

  • Organizing a community service project for your section or student chapter
  • Partnering with local government and non-government organizations to further community service initiatives
  • Collaborating with other sections and student chapters worldwide for community service initiatives

Examples include environmental clean ups, serving in soup kitchens or food banks, visiting nursing homes, holding food drives, home or school makeover, tree planting program, organizing a race or walk, donating clothes, toys, books or household goods to local charity, or volunteering at local animal shelter.

You are encouraged to use the SPE Cares logo for your community volunteer-related projects.

Section webhosting

By request, SPE provides a complimentary website where officers can create and update content without any software to buy or install. Features include a document library for your members, a private library for your officers, and event registration. To request a site, please complete this form (Word doc).

Section Broadcast Email

Due to strengthening privacy laws, all emails related to SPE business must be sent through the broadcast email service, Informz. Please do not maintain lists of email addresses. SPE provides you this complimentary service so you can continue to communicate with your members via email. This system includes reporting on the success of your email and ensures compliance with all privacy laws. Please review the Email Policy for Sections and Student Chapters and submit the completed form (Word doc) to  You will be notified when the set up with Informz is complete and provided with a user guide. 


An official section logo and stationery template are provided in the library folder of the Officer Community of SPE Connect.  Please reference the Policy on the Use of the SPE Name and Logo before using this file.

Marketing materials website

Find a flyer to help you advertise a program or a new ad to put in your section newsletter on the SPE marketing materials site. All materials are free of charge and shipped to you. Please allow ample time for delivery. Most materials are also available for download.


Review your section roster, and obtain reports and charts of your section membership through Membership Builder.

Please note you will need your log-in and password. Membership Builder is available only to section and chapter officers in good standing with SPE.

Launch Membership Builder

Section membership recruitment contest

The year-long section membership contest motivates and rewards section efforts to recruit and retain members. See current section standings.

Speaker Source

This online directory provides section and student chapter officers a searchable database of professionals willing to travel and share their knowledge through in-person presentations to SPE sections and student chapters. Search for a speaker.

Social Media Guidelines


Choose the platform that works best for your audience. Do they primarily use Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Determine the channel that works best for your members and update frequently.


Social media is 24/7, all year long. As such, it is critical to update your content regularly. At a minimum, post at least once a week. Three times a week is ideal.


Post original, engaging content regularly. Some ideas include:

  • Specific call-to-action (register for an event, renew membership, etc.)
  • Statistics / Fun Facts about your section/chapter
  • Photos / Videos / Presentations / Slideshows
  • Member Quotes / Testimonials / Positive Feedback
  • Announcements / Milestones 
  • Questions / Quizzes you would like to ask your members 

In all cases, sections and Student Chapters must also adhere to the SPE logo policy.

To generate more conversation and interest in your posts, consider these tips and tricks:


  • Tag Society of Petroleum of Engineers in your posts when relevant. This makes your shared content searchable and visible to the entire SPE Facebook community.
  • Write on the SPE Facebook wall to share updates, photos, ask questions, etc. This makes your content visible to SPE followers.


  • Mention and retweet @SPE_Events on Twitter. Engaging with us makes your profile more credible and legitimate.
  • Utilize hashtags. They make your content more searchable, categorized, and part of the SPE conversation. Some key hashtags to include are #SPEevents, #SPETRAINING, and #SPEWEBEVENTS


  • All LinkedIn groups need to be “subgroup” of the official SPE group.  This gives the subgroup credibility and makes it a part of the SPE LinkedIn community.


In the event of negative or disparaging comments or content not in line with SPE’s mission, protocol is to remove the post and block the user.

This is not to be confused with criticism of SPE, SPE affiliates, or SPE Members. The protocol in this instance is to not delete the criticism, but address the criticism with facts.


  • Be concise. Generally, readers are more prone to skip your post entirely if it is too drawn out. Post in the clearest, shortest form possible.
  • Consider your audience. Remember that your readers are comprised of diverse backgrounds. Also consider the platforms i.e. people on Facebook, may not want the same type of information as on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Bring value. Everything posted reflects SPE’s reputation and influence. Be sure that your posts are of a topic of interest.
  • Be Responsible for what you write. Exercise good judgment and common sense when developing posts. If you think it is inappropriate or may not be received as your intended purpose, it’s probably best to refrain from it.
  • Copyright infringement. As SPE holds the right to all developed content (including photos, video, technical papers, etc.), SPE reserves the right of approval regarding use of content and the right to remove content used without the said approval from SPE.