Distinguished Lecturer Committee

Deliverables and Expectations

  • Solicit Distinguished Lecturer nominations to be considered by the Committee.
  • Assess and evaluate the merit of Distinguished Lecturer nominees based on qualifications and presentation skills as indicated by a sample of technical slides.
  • To select Distinguished Lecturer candidates based on their qualifications and quality of their PowerPoint presentation in order for them to move forward to a live audition before members of the Committee.
  • Be the DL contact for one to three candidates in preparation for the live audition.
  • Select Distinguished Lecturers sufficient to meet the directives of the SPE Board regarding number of section visits, interest areas and other criteria as may be identified from time to time, pursuant to the availability of suitable nominees.
  • Continue to communicate with the lecturers throughout their tenure as a lecturer to maintain the highest quality required to be an SPE Distinguished Lecturer.
  • Attend at least one of three meetings per year.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong desire to see our members grow through the dissemination of technical knowledge by fostering outstanding DL presentations.
  • Prefer experience as a section officer.
  • Prefer past involvement as distinguished lecturer.

Expected Time Commitment

  • Attend at least one of three meetings per year (i.e., one in May, one at Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition and one in Europe).
  • Including attendance at meetings and consult with lecturers on a regular basis for approximately two weeks per year.

About the committee

Each year the committee selects topics and lecturers for the Distinguished Lecturer Program.

The Committee is comprised of up to 36 members, with one Regional Member from each region serving a one year term (can continue if requested by Regional Director), and Standing Members appointed by the SPE President-elect serving a maximum term of three years. The Chair, who is appointed by the President-elect, is chosen from those Standing/Regional Members having served at least two years on the Committee.

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