Nomination Procedures

Distinguished Lecturers are nominated by their peers, and selected by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee for quality, timeliness and relevance of presentations. We solicit nominations from each region of the world to cover all disciplines.

Nominee characteristics

Each lecturer chosen by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee is:

  • An expert in his or her field
  • An experienced and articulate public speaker who is comfortable speaking to different audiences in English
  • Willing to volunteer personal time to instruct and share knowledge with other SPE members
  • Willing to travel for an average of 20 presentations with tours lasting around four days or as long as two weeks
  • An experienced traveler—tours can be rigorous due to flight schedules, routing and transportation between sections.

To nominate

Note: The DL Committee does not accept self nominations.

  1. If possible, speak to the person you are nominating in advance so they can review the requirements of the program and be prepared to complete the nomination process.
    • Give the nominee sufficient notice to have all requirements completed by the deadline of 31 March. Have the nominee’s first and last name and email address ready before nomination.
  2. Complete the online nomination form. You will be prompted to create a unique login. Please note: nominations are accepted beginning 1 September.
  3. When the nomination form is complete, click the submit button at the bottom of the screen. You will receive an email confirming your submission. The nominee will receive an email requesting their participation in the program.
  4. Deadline to submit a nomination is 15 March.

If you are nominated

You will receive an email informing you of the nomination with instructions for the online form. Complete all steps by 31 March.

  1. Create a unique login. An account is established for each nominee.
  2. Include one topic per nominee. The committee will review one topic per nominee, do not submit more than one topic.
  3. Complete the online nomination information form and sane a draft. This will start your folder and allow you to log back in to submit requirements. Upload all of the following required items.
    • A PowerPoint presentation that can be given in 30 minutes:
      • File types accepted: .pdf, .ppt, .pptx or video

      • Limit file size as it will be downloaded to be viewed. Max. file size: 20 MB
      • File name: 30 min preso-nominee last name.nominee first name (example: 30 min preso-Smith.Joe.ppt)
    • Two separate recommendation forms are required. Utilizing the online form, the nominee will request the two recommendations by entering the recommender’s email address.  Requests for recommendations will then be sent automatically to the recommender’s email that will allow them to fill out the online request and/or upload a recommendation letter.  An email notification will be sent to the nominee letting them know the status of each recommendation request.  Reminders will also automatically be sent to the recommender.  It is strongly suggested for the nominee to email the recommender to ensure that the request is received as it may arrive in their spam folder.
        • Note: Only one of the online forms (the two recommendations or original nominator) can be from the nominee’s company.

    You do not have to complete in one session and may save a draft during the process.

  4. After completing and uploading all items, click the "submit" button at the bottom of the screen. The nomination process cannot be completed unless all of the required items are received by the deadline 31 March.

    Only one of the three submissions (nominee form and two recommendation letters) can be from the nominee's company.

You have the option to save your progress at any time and come back at a later date to complete the form. Once submitted, the nomination form cannot be changed.



15 March
1700 GST

Deadline for submitting nomination

31 March
1700 GST

Deadline for nominee to submit all forms and requirements.


Distinguished Lecturer Committee selects potential lecturers

Potential lecturers receive a letter to present to the DL Committee


Verbal presentations are given by the potential lecturers to the DL Committee at the Presentation Review Meeting


Letter of invitation sent to all DLs that are accepted

September through June

Lecture program year