Authoring Conference Papers

Each conference has a program committee that evaluates the abstracts. Acceptance depends on program size, topics covered, and quality of paper proposals.

Open calls for papers

A call for paper proposals is issued about one year prior to each of our conferences. If you have an idea for a technical paper, search the conferences with open calls for papers.

A proposal demonstrates that your paper will:

  • Contribute technically sound knowledge in a particular area of petroleum technology.
  • Present new knowledge or experience that has not been published previously.
  • Not be commercial in nature and will not promote specific companies, products or services.

A proper review of your abstract requires that it contain adequate information on which to make a judgment. The suggested limit of 225-450 words should not be constraining if the proposal is limited to the following factual highlights:

  • Objectives/Scope
  • Methods, Procedures, Process
  • Results, Observations, Conclusions
  • Novel/Additive Information

Sample proposal (pdf)

Once you have written a proposal, you can submit it to any of our conferences with an open call for papers. An author is limited to a maximum of three (3) proposal submissions to any one event

When submitting a proposal, don't forget to:

  • Obtain company clearance, to ensure the company understands that if the proposal is accepted, you will be required to travel to the event to present. All travel expenses (airfare, hotel, registration) associated with attending the conference are the responsibility of the company or individual attending. 
  • Ensure the company understands that if the proposal is accepted, you will be required to write a manuscript, sign a transfer of copyright, and present at the conference.
  • Find your login information, and make sure your SPE Profile is up to date. All authors must have an account.
    If you do not already have a login for the website, get an SPE login.
    If you don't remember your password, reset it before continuing.

Proposal FAQs

Conference Dual Submission Policy

Proper organization of the paper will lead the reader through your theories and supporting data to a logical conclusion. If your paper is accepted, you will receive an Acceptance Notification that provides you with access to an author kit.  The Author Kit serves as a resource center with:

  • Submission Deadlines
  • Required Forms
  • SPE Paper Template and Instructions
  • SPE Style Guide
  • Conference PowerPoint Template
  • Presentation Tips
  • Peer Review information

Preparing a paper

All manuscripts must be submitted via the online Paper Proposal Management System (PPMS). Each presenting (corresponding) author will be sent an email with a customized link that provides access to the system.

A complete submission includes:

  • Final Manuscript (using the SPE Manuscript template [.doc/.docx format])
  • Presenting Author Transfer of Copyright (TOC)
  • Five (5) Co-author Transfer of Copyright (TOC)
  • Paper Information Form (PIF)

SPE meetings have a "no-paper, no-podium" policy. If you do not submit the manuscript by the stated deadline, it will be withdrawn from the program.

Submitting a Manuscript

Before you present your paper at the conference, we suggest you practice to become comfortable presenting from behind a lectern and are aware of your time constraints.

If you are giving a poster presentation with space limitations, you should choose your words and images carefully so that viewers can understand the important points of your paper from your poster.

Preparing your presentation