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Our volunteers dedicate themselves to leveraging SPE's shared expertise, resources, and lifelong learning opportunities
to empower the success of our members and shape the future of the industry.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of SPE

Join the driving force behind SPE's progress by volunteering for our committees overseeing various programs and activities. Leverage your skills to shape our initiatives and enjoy personal and professional growth within our active community. Explore a variety of volunteer roles at SPE Volunteer Opportunities.

Your expertise and experience can directly influence the direction of SPE initiatives.

Benefits of volunteering with SPE:

  • Engage and develop your leadership abilities through active participation.
  • Support SPE programs and activities with your knowledge and experience.
  • Contribute your talent to shape and enhance SPE programs and activities.
  • Connect with fellow members locally and globally, fostering valuable connections.

Categories of SPE Volunteer Opportunities

Committee Volunteer Opportunities

Standing Committees

SPE Standing Committees oversee a range of essential functions within the Society, each tasked with specific responsibilities vital to its operations and objectives. These committees are constituted by a cadre of committed members, whose expertise and dedication drive the effective execution of their respective mandates. 

Learn more about SPE’s standing committees and view a full list of committees.

View our annual standing committee report. (pdf)

Event Program Committees

The mission of the Event Program Committees is to develop an engaging and relevant technical program by monitoring activity in their fields, identifying topics and companies active in development work, as well as individuals who can contribute their knowledge and expertise to the technical content. 

Learn more about SPE Event Programs.

Non-Committee Volunteer Opportunities

SPE provides numerous non-committee volunteer positions, such as:

  • PetroBowl Question Writer
  • Manuscript Reviewer for SPE Journal
  • SPE Mentor
  • Energy4me Ambassador
  • Regional Awards and Student Paper Contest Judges
  • And countless others waiting for you to explore!

See a full list of volunteer opportunities.


Questions about volunteer opportunities? Email: ​volunteer@spe.org​

Volunteer Recognition

SPE depends greatly on the talents of volunteers to accomplish the work of the Society.

On-demand Volunteer Appreciation Letters

Log in to your member profile and download your personalized "thank you" letter from the SPE President.

Tip: From the "My Account" page, click on "Volunteer Service & Letters" to view completed volunteer service. As future service is completed, it will be viewable on this page.

Note: If completed service is missing from your volunteer service page in your SPE Member Profile, contact volunteer@spe.org for assistance.