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15 February

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1 March

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John Franklin Carll Award

The John Franklin Carll Award recognizes distinguished contribution in the application of engineering principles to petroleum development and recovery. Recipients of this award automatically become Distinguished Members.

2020 - John Ely
2019 - George J. Moridis
2018 - Sadanand Joshi
2017 - Mukul Sharma
2016 - Christine A. Ehlig-Economides
2015 - Cem Sarica
2014 – Alfred Daniel Hill
2013 – Albert C. Reynolds, Jr.
2012 – Ali H. Dogru
2011 – Clayton J. Radke
2010 – Iraj Ershaghi
2009 – Akhil Datta-Gupta
2008 – Fred I. Stalkup
2007 – Zoltan E. Heinemann
2006 – Nansen G. Saleri
2005 – Roland N. Horne
2004 – Abbas Firoozabadi
2003 – Alain C. Gringarten
2002 – Gary A. Pope
2001 – G. Paul Willhite
2000 – Ben H. Caudle
1999 – Stephen A. Holditch
1998 – James J. Rathmell
1997 – James P.Brill
1996 – E.A. Breitenbach
1995 – W. John Lee
1994 – Robert S. Schechter
1993 – Thomas K. Perkins
1992 – John L. Gidley
1991 – Harley Y. Jennings Jr.
1990 – Robert C. Earlougher, Jr.
1989 – Ralph W. Veatch Jr.
1988 – William E. Brigham
1987 – Hossein Kazemi
1986 – Kenneth A. Blenkarn
1985 – L. Wally Holm
1984 – Aziz S. Odeh
1983 – Kermit E. Brown
1982 – Floyd L. Scott
1981 – Leo W. Fagg
1980 – Donald G. Russell
1979 – Murray F. Hawkins Jr.
1978 – John M. Campbell
1977 – Forrest F. Craig Jr.
1976 – Wilbur F. Cloud
1975 – Henry J. Ramey Jr.
1974 – Ted M. Geffen
1973 – Paul D. Torrey
1972 – Harold Vance
1971 – Fred H. Poettmann
1970 – Daniel N. Dietz
1969 – Holbrook G. Botset
1968 – George H. Fancher
1967 – D.V. Carter
1966 – Herman H. Kaveler
1965 – Douglas Ragland
1964 – Donald L. Katz
1963 – Robert E. Hardwicke
1962 – Charles E. Beecher
1961 – Hallan N. Marsh
1960 – Ralph J. Schilthuis
1959 – Eugene A. Stephenson
1958 – E.O. Thompson
1957 – Herbert C. Otis Sr.


Nominee Eligibility

Anyone displaying significant achievement in the advancement of the petroleum engineering profession. The award may be presented to a group for outstanding achievement.

A nominee is not eligible:

  • If they are on the current SPE Board of Directors, John Franklin Carll Award committee or those who have served in these positions during the past 2 years.
  • If they have received the Anthony F. Lucas or the Lester C. Uren Award in the last 5 years.
  • Based solely on technical achievements that resulted in an SPE technical award.

To Nominate

  1. Go HERE to the nomination form. Or cut and paste the URL:
  2. Search for and select your candidate. 
  3. Complete all required fields. 
  4. At least 1 letter of support is required. You may request up to 6 
  5. A CV/resume is required. Your candidate will receive an email requesting a CV/resume.  
  6. Submit the nomination before the deadline. Draft nominations will not be judged. 
  7. Submitted nominations will remain active for: 
    • International – 3 years 
    • Regional – 1 year 

About John Franklin Carll

John Franklin Carll was a geologist born in1828 who developed many of the subsurface geological methods still in use today. More than a century ago, he expressed the principles of petroleum engineering and geology that established much of the framework for the development of petroleum engineering technology. As an assistant on the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, Carll compiled seven reports on oil and gas surveys that are models of conscientious investigation and scientific description. Included in the reports were discussions of oil well rigs and tools as well as a statement of necessity for drillers to keep their own records.

In 1875, Carll published strip logs from nine Pennsylvania wells, and he used them for correlation purposes in much the same manner as they are employed today. His work also confirmed the theory that oil sands lie in lens-shaped masses, not in continuous belts, and that oil does not occur in underground pools or lakes, but in pores of sandstone. Carll’s invention of the static pressure sand pump, a removable pump chamber, and an adjustable sleeve for piston rods were of significance to the petroleum industry. Present day geologists often refer to Carll’s reports for data on the early oil industry.

The John Franklin Carll Award, established in 1956, recognizes contributions of technical application and professionalism in petroleum development and recovery. The Carll Award may be given to a nonmember of the Society.